Mechoui, Algerian style...  Prepared in the heart of the beautiful Sonoma Wine Country...!

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Thanks to my good friend Billy, we cranked out a superbly done mechoui this year...!
We keep refining our technique, much to the delight of our friends.                                                                                  


Of course, the eyes are on the guests of honor -- and the eyes also get INTO the guests of honor.  So here's the first eye.


And here's the other eye...  Little hard to swallow if you're a vegetarian, but my guest was a real good sport!


This is the "before" view...  The lamb is evenly browned, the skin is crispy, the meat tender and juicy, yet with not a shade of pink...  Just right!
There's no "after" picture, because while I was distracted, some of my so-called friends filched what was left of the carcass...  Oh well, maybe next year...!


This is what the skin should look like...! 
It took over 2 lbs of butter and a few hours of basting to achieve that result.
It took less than one minute for ALL the skin to disappear into hungry mouths...!