Mechoui, Algerian style...  Prepared in the heart of the beautiful Sonoma Wine Country...!

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Here is the first mechoui I made in 1995 on the occasion of our 25th Anniversary -- quite a spartan setup, but probably the most "authentic" of all... How I managed to pull it off I don't know, but it turned out pretty decent...


I used a piece of bamboo for a spit.  My son really enjoyed turning the lamb...


In 1997 I inaugurated my new system, made with pieces of 2x4 and a piece of 2x2 for the spit.  It worked fine the first time.


The upright nails were supposed to prevent the square end of the spit from rotating freely, while allowing the lamb to be brought closer and closer to the fire.  It was a small lamb, so there were no problems.


In 1999, the lamb was much larger and this caused a lot of trouble.  It had to be fastened with lots of wire, the upright nails bent and in the end someone had to hold the spit at all times to ensure uniform cooking.  So I decided that there had to be a better way, and thus the current design was made.