Mechoui, Algerian style...  Prepared in the heart of the beautiful Sonoma Wine Country...!

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This year, the technique for "skin crisping" was even more successful...  It all came out in one piece, but it did not last long...


Here's our friend Nadine (who took all the other pictures on this page) checking out the lamb as it cooks.


After about 7 hours, it's just about done...  The skin starts to separate from the meat.


Bigger - and better - than last year!  I want once again to thank my friend Billy for his invaluable help in the preparation and cooking of the beast.


Little Trudy knows the good stuff -- and hopes that some tasty morsels will come her way...  And we're ready to "reward" the guests of honor with the lamb's eye...


My friend Carlos is not too sure about receving the "honor"...


But Bill (Nadine's dad) had no problem seeing eye-to-eye with the lamb!